Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Boss

So today I added some basic cruddy particles to the Railgun, and added a Shield. Both should be nice items to get in-game (especially the Shield). I also added the basic functionality that was missing to have different animations for the different use states of the item (i.e. the shield has an "idle" state and a "use" state). Using the shield will drain your energy, which obviously is a bad situation to be in. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should add a penalty for dropping to minimal energy - currently, it just serves as a kind of self-replenishing ammo for most offensive actions. Maybe I'll add a "fatigued" state or something.

As of currently, the shield doesn't block melee attacks, though I think that might be a good idea, though it might also be a bit over-powered as well. Need to mull it over a bit more, I think.

I also drew up this dude as the first boss (the new one's on the left):

Not sure how I'm gonna animate him, but I like him, I think.

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