Friday, August 15, 2014

Animations of a Guardian

Starting to animate this big guy. I think he might be a bit difficult, so perhaps he'll be the second or third boss; the first one will probably be something a bit more your size, which should give me a good chance to test out a Bipedal enemy (an enemy that can equip two items, like you).

I got some really awesome feedback from ndee over at the BlenderArtists forums saying that I should vary my darkness levels on my sprite, which I pretty much whole-heartedly agree with; his edit shows some great improvement over my base sprite. Maybe I'll be able to work it in effectively.

Also, I've been listening to this song from the fighting game Under Night In-Birth because it's awesome and I need some rockin' boss music. Gotta step it up on my music, too!

I've implemented another enemy that just sits there and shoots and aims at you; nothing really impressive, so no GIF of that. Just some simple stuff here and there.

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