Sunday, October 16, 2011


Sorry about the lack of updates. However, I started working back on GridSpace again, and I've started to make some major progress.

I decided to add trees, and work on the general design and feel of the world, rather than simply making bases, towns, and zones to explore. By designing the world from the inside out (from the Player's starting position), and adding walls, canyons, and basically restricting the world's design and size, I can make a more controlled environment - one that I can, hopefully, continually work on successfully.

I've decided to basically scrap the level design I had (which wasn't really anything), and start out actually designing a world, rather than just placing objects randomly about. I still have to tackle a lot about level placement, but I know that I want a mix between organic ideas and places, but with bright, neon visuals. So... Yeah.

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  1. this game's aesthetic is so unique! I love the idea you have of mixing sci-fi visuals with nature.