Friday, September 30, 2011

BGMC 4 Game - Armada

Hey. Sooo, I took part in the recent Blender Game Making Challenge 4, in which one was to create an experimental game that has an element in it, like fire, wind, stone, water, etc. I chose (and only put in) fire.

The game's name is Armada.

This is kind of a rogue-like game - find the doorway to proceed to the next randomly generated room. The rooms get larger and more difficult with time, as there are more enemies in each room.

While you can't attack yourself, you have an ally - utilize your markers to tell your allies which enemy to go after. Only one marker is active at a time.
Press the X key to shoot a marker to indicate which enemy your ally should go after.

S and D are to rotate the camera, and the arrow keys are to move about.

Simply marking the enemy will not work, as direct fire to your ship or your ally for any sustained time will kill you, so you must distract the enemy while your ally attacks.

Requires Blender 2.59.3 - a post r39791 build from GraphicAll, to run (a build that includes the Pepper GSoC branch work). EDIT: Also requires a GLSL-compatible graphics card to render the visuals correctly.

EDIT: My mistake, I had an error and didn't notice somehow. Here's the fixed build that SHOULD work.

Mirror 1: MediaFire
Mirror 2: FreeDrive