Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Greenlit and Further Progress


So it's been quite awhile since I last posted here (YET AGAINNNN~), but things have been going rather well. Gearend was greenlit a couple of months ago! Here's an older devlog that I posted that shows a bit of what I worked on since then.

There's some more details and further videos after the break below.

Anyway, as of late, I've been cranking away on finishing the game - it's getting rather close to completion. After it's done, I have to consider when to release it - it's currently approaching the time around where Steam usually has major sales (the Winter / New Year's sale), so unless I can get the game done and out in the next couple of days (which I probably won't), it probably would be wise to wait until later, possibly in January, to put the game out.

I think I heard that it's good to have 1k people that have reserved the game on their wishlist before release to build up hype. Not sure if I'll be able to hit that (or if it's a particularly important target to hit), but I'll see how it goes from now 'til release.

As for the game, I'm waffling between adding another zone, or calling it done and just finishing up what I have. I don't have time to add another zone, really, but I don't really feel like the amount of areas I have is "good enough". I guess it's OK, though - it's a small game. Maybe I can just add some smaller intermediate special areas and bosses / events to help make the zones feel less "standalone" and less monotonous.


Here's a song, Skygear, that I made for a sky / weather-releated zone. I think the concept could've been fun, but alas, time fails me. Oh, well - the song will still go in there, haha.

I also made this intro for when you first boot the game up - I think it turned out pretty cool (if a bit on the long side of things):

Anyway, that's about it in terms of visual progress - all the other stuff has been either secret, or just changes through code. Thanks for reading!

To finish things off, here's an animation of one of the bosses, the Purifier, doing a slashing attack.

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