Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Devlogs And Greenlight Preparation

Yo! Sorry for being so tardy on keeping this up to date - I've been really busy the past few months (as to be expected, I hope?). Here's a bit of news, and after that I'll dump the rest of the devlog videos I've yet to post here.

So, I'm GEARing up (haha) to put this sucker up on Steam Greenlight soon, so we'll see how that goes. I'm finishing up basically enough to get a trailer out (which means some boss mechanics and some NPC stuff, I think). I've been thinking about working on just the stuff I need to finish the game at this point, rather than being distracted by feature creep - I wanted to add one more zone, but maybe I won't have time??? I'll have to figure it out - I wanted to be done by the end of July, I think. Now I'd like to be done by end of August.


I've also been doing stuff to work on my website, since that's something I proooooobably should do something about. The previous site I had was made using a program called OpenElement, and it's one I would advise you to use if you're doing some website work and wanna try it out on Windows. Since I moved to Linux, I looked around at the alternatives for website design and found that there aren't really any, for some reason. So, I decided to just go the manual route - I downloaded Atom, grabbed a couple of plug-ins to do some live HTML reloading, and started learning HTML and CSS. It's just a programming language, so it's pretty easy to learn - I think I like web design, haha. Kinda wish I had started writing sites in HTML earlier, I guess.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll upload a new video showing my progress soon. For now, here's a dump of the remaining devlogs I've forgotten to post here! :O

Sorry about that!

Thanks a ton, again, for watching!

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