Friday, March 25, 2016

Shoulders, Shots, and Shclouds

Yo! Here's a quick GIF update dump!

Above, the shoulder parts moving back and forth in time with the walk cycle. Done in code, of course, so that it'll transfer to other part setups.

I animated the first two arm parts recently; when you use melee attacks, you can strafe backwards. Not sure if I want to give the player this option at all times or not (maybe through a button they can hold down or toggle...?).

The world as it stands currently (incomplete, of course; still gotta make more graphics and stuff).

Also! Something that's not shown in these GIFs is that you can communicate with NPCs, and when you do, the camera zooms in to focus on you both. When you're done, it zooms back out.

Speaking of camera changes, the camera is now locked to specific zones, each at least a screen size large. This'll allow me to do single-room views easily, as well as get a good idea of how the game world is laid out. It should also enable me to actually have a map system that works halfway decently.

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