Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gearend Devlog Video #5 - Loadout and Location


Here's another development log video post showing some of the stuff that I've changed / improved!

And here's a text dump in case you don't wanna watch!

Apart from new art, cameras now lock to room objects I place in Blender, enabling me to position camera views where I want. Now I can, for example, lock the view to a single area in the game. When the player moves to another location, that room becomes active, and the camera now is fixed to that room. Each room object is exactly the size of the camera view, and if a room object is scaled, then the camera will slide around to the boundaries of the room object.

This room system will be integral to any maps I put in the game, since I can just plot squares and rectangles on a grid in the same setup as I place objects in Blender to represent the game world. Easy-peasy!

I also zoomed in the view a bit to make it easier to design the game world (since you see less, I don't have to create as much) and to just make it simply easier to see the game.

I implemented the animations for the weapons, and added a new rocket launcher weapon. Before I added the launcher, I thought a handheld bomb would be cool, but it didn't really feel fun, so I changed it to a rocket launcher. I really like this a lot more, as there's more I as a developer can do with it. I implemented this same weapon for the first Gearend, too. No reason to mess with success, I guess!

Anyway, sorry for the choppy footage; my HD Game Caster's kinda weirdin' out, so I used OBS for this.

And yeah, I see the small graphical errors here and there (small one-pixel large gaps between tiles, for example); I'll fix them up later.

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