Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kyro's Almost Done

Hey, there. So Kyro's coming along nicely; not completely done, but not far away. I'm sitting on around 13 levels (screens) so far; I'd like to break the 20-puzzle-mark, I think, considering there are some "introductory / tutorial" rooms that just introduce mechanics over actually being puzzles.

Hopefully I'll finish it soon (I wanted to get it done before a certain date a few times, but kept passing it up). The game should turn out pretty fun, though.

Anyway, (in addition to other things and working on the engine the game's based on), I got swapping in. You can swap locations with certain objects (usually ones that can move on their own) by throwing your gem next to that object.

Fans are also implemented - they can be triggered with a button press (if they're not on already) and can lift lighter objects (not the main character, haha). 

Also, "switchable" objects turn green when they're triggered, which is helpful when you're looking to see what a button does.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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