Saturday, January 10, 2015

Game 2 - Lodemen - Day 1 (?)

I waffled throughout the week trying to find a game I could make, and finally decided on this just today or yesterday or something. The next game is going to be a Lode Runner-like called "Lodemen". Side-scrolling, puzzle maze game. You can dig out pieces of the ground next to you. Co-op in Lode Runner games was really fun, since you couldn't run through each other, IIRC, and you could stand on each other, making co-op puzzles different from single-player ones. I'm planning to implement some co-op mechanics and hopefully make it unique through a few other mechanics if I can work them out effectively. I'm using the BDX engine (which is still unfinished and just a pre-alpha) for this. Hope it works out!

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