Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Week-long Project - Kyro, Day One


I wasn't able to get the previous game (Lodemen) done in under a week, and I found it rather difficult to continue. Newer game engines nowadays aren't really made for tile-based gameplay, and Lode Runner's physics system is rather finicky and kind of requires such a tile-based approach. Excuses, excuses. Bottom line, it proved difficult to reproduce for me, so alas (again with the alas) I decided to break it off. I've started on another Shakecan Game that I aim to finish in a week. I'm attempting for this to be much simpler - it's going to be an "Adventures of Lolo"-style puzzle game.

In Adventures of Lolo for the NES, you controlled Lolo as you cleared a series of single-screen rooms. Each room would have a puzzle, usually, and you'd have to figure out how to move blocks, avoid enemies, or traverse the landscape in order to leave.

This game, Kyro, will be similar, but in my game you'll control a monster woman named Maxelena who has the ability to teleport by throwing a device. The game will revolve around using this mechanic to traverse and clear the puzzles in a similar manner as the Lolo games. The game is, again, being created in the (still in an incomplete, pre-alpha status) BDX game engine.

While I do think I should be able to handle the gameplay fairly successfully, I'm not sure how many rooms and puzzles I'll be able to make before the week ends. Given that puzzle games require, well, puzzles to work, I might not be able to get very far with this one. Guess I'll see. :1

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