Thursday, December 25, 2014

Shakecan Games - Day One

Hey, there.

So I'm a crazy man who's gotten tired of not actually finishing anything and so have decided to try making little, fun-packed games in just a week per game. Each game will retail for a very low price as well (not sure of the specifics yet; might vary per game). I won't necessarily make a new game EVERY week, but that's the goal. This (Shakecan Games) is the label for those games. So you know that if you're getting a ShakeCan Game, it's gonna be simple, quick, and cool. This doesn't mean I'll drop any games in production; either they'll be paused or worked on in tandem with Shakecan Games.

We'll see how things go!


GAME ONE - Pokette Rox

This one's gonna be inspired by Pocky and Rocky for the SNES. There'll be two characters (who might control differently if I have the time to implement it), optional co-op gameplay, and lots of hectic shoot-y goodness. The game already generates a level layout randomly, which saves me time on creating levels. The plan is that when you explore the levels to a certain percentage, it'll choose whatever room you're headed into as the "action room" and spawn a boss in there. You'll explore the level, beat the boss, and then head on to the next zone. Pretty simple overall.

The camera tracks to the middle of two existing players if there are two; otherwise, it'll track to just the one active one. I'm going to add a big invisible wall around them to keep them from walking off away from each other, though I guess view splitting could also work (so that when you get far away enough, it splits into two views for each player). This could open up interesting "separation" game mechanics (where the game separates you until you press a switch or fulfill a condition), though it also would make bosses impossible (unless it warped the absent player to the cell of wherever the boss is). Definitely stuff to think about.

The grass waves in this area.

Anyway, this is basically all I've got for day one so far. Thanks for reading!

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