Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shops! Signs! Sssssmenu choices!

Yo! So development continues on Gearend. It's been awhile since I posted about it here, but it's been going on steadily and fairly continuously, which is nice. I've been streaming development of the game through Twitch and uploading the resulting streams on my YouTube channel, where you can watch them. Here's a link to a playlist of the devlog videos (including streams)! 

I've been working on new things that I know I'll need in the game, as well as thinking about what the game will be like for future areas, for example. It's shaping up well, I think! I hope to have a demo out for everyone to play around with soon.

Anyway, here's what the game has recently gotten:

Scrap boxes that you can shoot! When you shoot and explode a box of scrap, it will pop out a predetermined number of scrap, which is indicated by the old bolt scrap, as well as a new type of scrap, which is a golden Screw. Screws are worth 5 Scrap, while bolts are worth 1.

There are now Signs! ... Well, I guess it's not that impressive or interesting. They tell you stuff when you go to interact with them, as signs usually do. :|

You can now equip items through the menu system! This was necessary, as I needed to create a shop system, but had no way to equip things that you could purchase. The tabs represent the different slots that you will be able to equip things on - Body, Legs, Left Arm, and Right Arm.

Also pictured in this GIF is the shop system itself. The shopkeeper is at the far right and says some general niceties to you; you actually need to interact with the items on the pedestals themselves to purchase them. If you have enough Scrap, then you can buy 'em. I hope to have items available through the shop as well as through other means.


Anyway, that's what I've got so far! Thanks for reading and following development of Gearend - I hope to have a demo soon, and finish it off quickly as well.

- SolarLune


  1. So how big will the final game be?

    And after finishing this what next- will you go back to your other projects like Valchion?

    1. Hey, sorry for missing this! I think I would indeed like to go back to my other projects after Gearend (or even sooner in another format).

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  3. Gearend's not dead, right? You're going to keep working on it after the Shakecan Games (btw, they're really awesome. I loved Kyro)?

    1. No, it's not dead. However, I'm kinda doubting the ability of the BGE (the engine Gearend was made in) to run without faults on all systems that I deploy to. I might end up switching to another engine with Gearend, or maybe even carving it into a rougher, simpler Shakecan Game.