Friday, October 5, 2012

Quick Co-Op Game and Soldier Of Progress

Hey. I can't believe it's been a whole month and then some since my last post here - I should keep this more up to date. So, I have been working on Soldier Of, but I've also been thinking about working on a different title.

But first, about Soldier Of. So far, I've done a lot of work implementing maps. They display points of interest, like enemies on the same map as you, items that need to be collected, and save points. They also can be rotated around, so that you can really check it out. Maps aren't 100% accurate, but they should provide a good amount of information to allow you to explore areas and watch out for traps.

Another thing I've done is add food. Rather than picking up hearts to heal you, you now pick up actual food. I think that's a better method, as it's a bit more logical.

Finally, I've been working on adding new enemies. One of those is the Shock Beetle, which slowly lumber toward you and are very, VERY strong. They currently take quite a bit to take down. When they touch you, they shock you and send you reeling back, making them difficult to deal with, especially on narrow ledges.

Another enemy I've added is the Vulture, which hovers above you and follows you around while firing slow-moving bullets at you. Its height and speed can be annoying, but keeping calm while fighting it will benefit you.

So anyway, I was thinking of taking a little break (about a month) to try working on something small - a co-op game. I think it would be fun, and I could see it selling alright for a few bucks. I should have more later on, when it's more developed. Have a flying bug enemy instead.

Alright, well, thanks for reading, and have fun!