Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sparky - Small Update

Hello. Sorry about not updating anything about Sparky in awhile. Here's a quickie little update.

So far, today I worked a bit on the movement code, removing unnecessary clutter and correcting some incorrect math that I had. It's always a good feeling to know that something that could have caused problems before shouldn't cause problems in the future.

The direction of the game is to be very focused on movement and momentum, doing things while moving. I have breakable objects that you can destroy to get Ions, to continue boosting, but I don't want this process to interrupt gameplay. So, I'm basically musing between having the dogs' boost be enough of an 'attack' to destroy breakable objects, or if I should give each dog an attack that you have to use to break the boxes. I don't want to make the player have to stop to break any boxes, but the dogs will eventually have attacks, so either way, I suppose I need to implement them next.

Anyway, that's all for this really, really quick update. Thanks for reading. Also, I've got a Twitter now, so if you want to follow me to see my progress on my game projects, feel free to do so here (I think that should work, but I'm not sure). Thanks for reading!


  1. How did you make sprite looks nice?
    I mean, I followed your tutorial and
    unchecked the mipmap setting, but when
    I export it and run, sprites looks bad again.

    1. Not sure why I never replied to this - you need to run a command-line argument to disable mip-maps. You can do this with a preloader if you don't want to actually have a batch file.

      Check it out on my game development blog site here: