Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparky EARLY Pre-Alpha Demo

Hey. So I finally got around to making a demo for Sparky, my Blender Game Engine project. Note that this is a very, very, VERY early Alpha demo for Windows. There's just a little, tiny bit of the gameplay there, but I want to get some feedback to see what people think. Download link after the break.

You can use either the joystick or the keyboard - for the keyboard, X is to jump and C is to boost. While boosting, you can climb walls, run faster, and jump higher. Double-tap boost to attack horizontally, and tap down and boost to dive. You can break the light poles to gain Ions. Ions recharge slowly (but faster than my past videos) with time.

EDIT: The link's down while I fix something that went wrong with the demo.

EDIT 2: Here's the updated link. MediaFire Download


  1. Really cool, I have tried it as you did in the Dev log video.
    One suggest, if he jump higher maybe better.
    Waiting for more playable demo release.

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