Saturday, January 7, 2012

Soldier Of - Little Things

Here's a small update to Soldier Of. A devlog video should be coming up soon, but here's a quickie little update for those who are reading.

Picking up major items plays a jingle now, which you have to wait until the end of to advance the dialog. :P

So, I've got a little more of the GUI, as well - there's now a play-time counter that counts how long you've been playing. As you can see, I also worked on the tunnel. It's not great, but it's better than before by a long shot.You'll have to get the jump boots (which won't really be there next to the pipe) to advance into the sewer, where you'll need to use the boots to traverse the sewer maintenance tunnels.

Also, I've got a little of the sewers finished. I think the water should be brown or green, as it's too clean for the sewers. I think that I should add some water dripping down, little platforms and pipes and things - you know, make it interesting.

Oh, and the sound - I've got a lot more sounds in the game, and some BGM, too! I currently have two songs - one for the sewers, and one for the city. :) You'll have to wait for the devlog video to hear them, though I already used the city's song in a video before this. So, that's it. Thanks for reading!

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