Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Soldier Of - GUI Progress

Sorry about the lack of devlog updates - stupid games have been taking up far too much of my time. :p

So, I'm working on fixing up the GUI. I've got the primary weapon ammo counts (currently in clip / maximum available) working, and the rest are just labels. The reason that the two icons on top are pushed over so much is because I thought of having cash in the game, but decided against it.

I was thinking that enemy robots could drop the cash when defeated, and you could use the cash to purchase weapons and sub-items from human merchants still around in the area. I ended up deciding against it. Basically, it would work against the Metroidvania feel of the game. Without the mechanic of cash, I'll be forced to have lots of hidden areas and interesting branching paths to host all of the different weapons and items. However, there now won't be too much interactivity with other NPCs in the game, and you won't have a huge reason to attack any of the enemy robots, as they won't drop anything more than health or ammo.

I also am working on a more 3D tunnel, as the original was quite flat. I also fixed up Simon's walking animation to animate correctly at the same speed as the forward and downward animations (finally).

I've also been working on music for the game, creating different tracks and seeing what from my old tracks I could use, if anything. Anyway, that's about it.

A game demo might be in order soon, just to get some feedback on how the game overall plays and what needs to be tweaked before I really work on the plot and different areas.

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