Monday, May 23, 2011

GridSpace Update - Shop Prototype and the LightBead

Hey. So here's another update from me on my game, GridSpace. So far, I've gotten a shop prototype working where you can purchase an item - my first long-range weapon implemented, the LightBead!

So, the shop prototype's working out pretty well, right now. As can be seen above, the shop works alright - you approach a panel to interact with it. When you do, pressing the Shoot key advances the message so that you can see information about the item that you're over. Upgrades and weaponry can be bought with the Creds that you gain from enemies defeated in-game.

The picture to the left shows the LightBead in action. Close-range in addition to long-range weaponry are two of things that set this game apart from other top-down shooters of this theme, and I hope that it will become more polished and fun with time.

The last picture here shows what GridSpace looks like when the settings are set to the max (best quality Bloom and reflection). My computer can get a pretty reliable 40-50 FPS in-game with max settings - with lower quality reflections, it can easily maintain 60 FPS (except when a lot's going on, which will happen in this game). In any case, I hope it'll be a fun game.


  1. Great Solarlune! This is shaping up very nice!
    It would be awesome to see some developement videos. Wolfire Games launches each week a video! I think this is a great chance to look into such developement!
    Further I wish you good luck with your project!

  2. Hey, how's it going? You make a good point. I'll see if I can get development videos up more often, since it's been a little bit since the last one. But, I'm not a full-time game developer, so I can't work on a project to really get anything worth seeing done often...