Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GridSpace Update - A Shop and An Enemy

Hey. So I've gotten working on another couple of features - I've implemented a new enemy, and I'm working on a shop for the outpost.

I've got a Gear on my six!
The enemy was a little more difficult than I would've liked - the main problem was his tracking behavior. My math was off a bit on how he moved toward the player (since he doesn't move directly at the player, but targets him and aims for him, turning when necessary).

A simple shop prototype.
As for the shop, I'm getting a simple shop up and running where you approach the panel you want, and press the Shoot button to purchase it. When you want to equip the panel, you approach a Save location to outfit your ship. While this works, it might be a better method to allow the Player to outfit / alter his ship (outside of purchasing upgrades) at any time. This will have to be considered.

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