Saturday, May 7, 2011

GridSpace Update - Colors, NPCs, and Transparency

Hey. So I've updated GridSpace a bit - I managed to get it to look more interesting with color changes.
As you can see, the old version looks far more washed-out than the current version. I like the difference.

Previous world.

So, I've also added NPCs (Non Player Characters). The idea behind these NPC characters is that they are geometrical shapes like you, who live in towns in the game. You can communicate with them by simply approaching them - the NPC will automatically display their message to you. If they have more to say, then there will be a prompt for you to press on. Shopkeepers will be one kind of NPC, and they'll have different items and upgrades for you to purchase with Creds.
Current world, with adjusted colors.

As you can see in the picture below, when you approach the NPC, its message will appear. However, there's a bit of a problem - transparency.

The BGE has a bit of a problem with transparent objects, in that if there are two transparent objects on top of one another, then the BGE will sometimes fight with / confuse which object gets drawn first. This causes the problem with the screenshot shown at the bottom - the grid is drawing over the message window.

I am currently looking into solutions for this problem, the main one being to push the grid, background, and reflection plane layers into background scenes to ensure that different objects will never fight for drawing order. Anyway, that's the progress so far.

The message box displayed in grid space.

The grid space overlaps the message.

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  1. neat design, so pretty. I'm curious to see how it looks like in action