Friday, May 6, 2011

New Game Project - GridSpace

Hey. So here, I present the beginning of a game that I'm making in the Blender Game Engine - GridSpace.
GridSpace is a game inspired by neon twin-stick action shooters like Geometry Wars, but aims for a different genre in the gameplay. Rather than just being simple arena or level-based shooters, GridSpace will aim to be a more action-oriented game. The idea is similar to games like Geometry Wars or Echoes that you take control of a ship, but rather than simply shooting at enemies from a distance, more close-range types of weapons will be available to you, like blades or whips. Right now, the only available weapon is a spinning blade, which is how I managed to get the shot at the top of the page (it's a realtime game screen).

GridSpace will hopefully also be a more open-world kind of game, where you can visit a town to talk to NPCs and purchase items, upgrades, weaponry, and even different ship types (with their own statistics and special abilities). Also, you will be able to help out, and be helped by NPCs (hopefully). Anyway, this is fairly preliminary, but I feel that I can finish it, given enough time.

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