Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gearend Devlog Video Dump

Yo, there!

I've been making a lot of progress on Gearend, but haven't actually shown any of it around here! So first up, a devlog video dump!

Here's a song that was in the old Gearend that I'm going to use for the new Gearend, after spiffying it up some.

And some more devlogs after the break!

In this video, I show some of the new enemies that I've created; the first is the Top Woman, a robot who was originally supposed to be a greeter for the facility that now turns her hostile arms on any who approach. Also, the SecCams readjust to point toward you, and fire when they can. In the video, I also look through the AI Director system that shape the enemies' behaviors.

In this video, I show some of the music I created, specifically going for a "Chrono Trigger, Zeal"-ish feel. My computer also went down, so I explain a bit of what was going on here.

In this devlog video, I show some more enemies; one of them is a razor sharp robot who goes by the name of "Grinder", who moves on a set path and is very predictable, though extremely dangerous. Another is a radical radish known as "Radishal" who gets crabby when he wakes up!

And finally, in this video, I show some GUI that I finished up; health and energy. Little warning prompts appear when you run low on resources, and it's now possible to die and have the game restart, which is cool!

Whew! Well, that's basically all of the progress that I've uploaded on YouTube; I'll see ya later with more progress soon!

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