Monday, October 19, 2015

Airgrift Devlog #2: Gooey!


Here's another devlog video for Airgrift! In this one, I talk a bit about some new GUI stuff, some new enemies, a new camera system, and s'more stuff! Making games is fun, but it can be hard work too, haha.

Here's a bit of a write-up that's also in the video description:

I've been working on Airgrift for a little while now, and I've implemented and added quite a bit to the game and engine it's working with (BDX). So hurray!

I've added some GUI elements - mainly the Cash counter, the portrait and name in the top-left corner, and the camera icon in the bottom-right. These elements still need to be positioned to work more in the favor of the gameplay and to be streamlined, but overall, they look nice and work well.

I've added downsampling for a smoother, more efficient bloom filter (hopefully, anyway), and a couple of enemies, as well. The enemies aren't finished as of yet, but the core ideas are definitely there and working. The Discharge slowly follows the player and fires electricity straight downwards. The strikes are periodic, but they hurt when they hit!

I also wrote that music in the background. It's not really for any project in particular, but it might work well for this game. I have, however, written some other music for Airgrift that sounds really awesome, I think, so that's something to look forward to implementing.

Thanks for watching!~

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