Friday, January 2, 2015

Game One: Day 9

OK, so I'm almost done with the first game.

I implemented the GUI today, and got a few subsystems working. You can die now, and you can take damage as well. Come to think of it, I probably should have implemented this stuff way earlier, but oh well. I'm already way over-due (it should have been done on Wednesday, and it looks like it'll stretch on into tomorrow (Saturday) at LEAST), but I'm glad it's pretty much done. There's not much to it, but that's kind of to be expected, and I think it's okay that it's light on content.

Like I probably mentioned already, I'm planning to sell these games I make in a short time for a low price (just a couple of bucks, I think) to see if I can make enough to work on them full-time. For a game made in a week and sold for a couple of bucks, it'd only take a couple hundred sales to make it worth it for me to continue working on them. I think this would be preferable to Kickstarting a game idea or something, since the price is way lower and people can see your track record in regards to creating products. If they like an idea, they can wait a couple of days to see it realized, rather than waiting months to see an updated demo of a to-be-released (maybe) product.

It's worth a shot, I think. I'd make a mistake if I didn't try.

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