Sunday, March 10, 2013

BGMC 7 - RFC 5414

Hey! So, I participated in the BGMC 7 and made a quickie little demo called RFC 5414. It was going to be about wireless signals, you being a small robot designated to carry around packages to hotspots, or something like that. However, I ran out of time (and got tripped up a bit with the flight mechanic), so there's no game to it other than just flying around. I'm still glad to have participated, though - I learned some cool things.

One nice thing to come out of it is that I made a Google Code project for my BGE resources, which should be much easier for me to update. Also, I made an input handler, which should make handling input for BGE games much easier. I'll add it to the Google Code project later.

Anyway, here's the download. You'll need a recent version of Blender to play. There are some bugs, most obvious of which is the possibility that the game will spawn you in the middle of a piece of land, so if that happens, just restart. You can use the mouse and keyboard, or a joystick to move around. Space is to jump, and also engages and disengages flight when you're in the air. Hopefully it'll be useful.


  1. Really cool and very smooth!! How do you do the bloom effect?

    1. Thanks. I believe the bloom effect is a 2D filter that I got from Yo Frankie and fixed up a bit. You can find it in the SFL Python module in my Google Code project.

  2. I finally found some time to test your game Solar! Truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing the .blend file. Great mood as usually :)