Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soldier Of / Valchion - Importance of a Name

Hey. So, I haven't been doing a HUGE amount of work on Soldier Of, but I'm slowly making progress on my main project here. I've also decided to change the name.

I've decided to change the name from Soldier Of to Valchion, as Soldier Of sounds generic, and doesn't really tell you what the game's about. You're not a soldier in the game, and you don't really war on the invading robots, but rather are just out to get to the center of the city to rescue your family. I think the new name helps to make the game unique.

I stopped development for a little bit (a couple of days) because of a game-crashing bug that occurred whenever I switched from the title screen scene to one of the game scenes, but I figured out what the issue was, fortunately. The bug's since been fixed, so development continues.

I remade the entire GUI with a Python module courtesy of Moguri from the BlenderArtists forums. The module's name is BGUI, and makes displaying GUI a lot easier and more precise. While it took a little while (a few days) I'm glad I re-made the GUI with it, for sure.

Most of what I've been doing is just trying to polish the gameplay, AI, graphics, etc. I'm not really adding new things, which can feel a bit discouraging, since the game's not getting any 'bigger'. However, the difference between the current state of the game and the last demo I've released should be pretty big, which is encouraging. Hopefully I'll get a new one out (that's cross-platform) in a matter of days.

Anyway, thanks for reading and watching my game Valchion develop!

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