Friday, November 23, 2012

Soldier Of Progress Video #9 And An Actual Homepage

Hey. So, I've uploaded another video for Soldier Of, mainly just for the smooth FPS that MSI Afterburner's getting me. It's a great video recording program, and works really well when you've gotten used to it. I haven't worked on this much, as I've been working on a launcher for BGE games called BlendSling. It's working alright so far, and it should help to make distributing BGE games easier.

As a side-note, I've gotten myself a quasi-legitimate homepage. Hurrah! Check it out here. I'll also put a link in at the side. Anyway, thanks for watching and reading!


  1. Looks super amazing :) I like it a lot :) but the footstep sound is a lot noisy :( I think u either remove it or try change it (lower its volume may be)

  2. This game reminds me Game Boy Color. And the music is very good!

  3. Just wondering, it there any secret to making dialogue boxes?

    1. Well, I ported my old GUI to BGUI to run smoother and handle better, as well as wrote a class that allowed me to have stretchy windows (where I could set the size and have the window borders stretch to fit), but you could just use an image for the dialogue box.

  4. Ahhh, I'll check out BGUI when I get the chance.