Friday, February 10, 2012

Soldier Of - Keep Going!

Hey. Sorry for the lack of updates these past couple of weeks. I've been pretty busy and haven't felt like working on this much, but I'm still messing around with it.

I'm tweaking and fixing up the game a bit; just some small stuff. Right now, I'm thinking about implementing a little more interaction with water. It's very static currently - you're just 'in' it. At the very least, I would like to add in a splash when you jump in or out of the water, and play a different walking sound if you're in the water. Perhaps you shouldn't be able to use your gun in the water, or maybe the range will just be exceptionally short... That might be an interesting mechanic (flooding areas with turret enemies, for example, to make previously impassable areas accessible).

A little more polish, and I think I might release a demo. The only thing I'm worried about is security. You see, Soldier Of is being made in the Blender Game Engine, which is a great engine. However, packing the game in with an executable would mean that the game's source would be officially GPL-licensed, which would mean that I would have to release the source. This wouldn't be bad if I planned on releasing the source, but if I wanted the game to be closed-source (which I do), then this option isn't valid.

The other option is to package the game separate from the player and encrypt and decrypt it, which would be fine, but I'm sure that anyone smart enough could just decrypt it (it's not like it's impossible). I guess I'm going to have to figure it out... In any case, I'll have to have something worth looking at soon for others to enjoy. Thanks for reading!


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